Vehicle Controls

  • I have included the vehicle controls in all my moves-lists:
    Since some of you keep ignoring this, here it is again:

    Action-Button: Ctrl(PC), X (PS)
    Jump-Button: Alt (PC), Square (PS)
    Roll-Button: End/5 on Number Pad/up and down together (PC), Circle(PS)
    Sprint-Button (since TR3): Press forwards and: "forward slash" or "-" (PC;depending on your keyboard layout), R2 (PS)
    Walk-Button (since TR3): Shift (PC), R1 (PS)
    Crouch (since TR3): period (PC), L2 (PS)

    All keys without remapping, if you remapped you are on your own!

    Motorboat (TR2)
    Get in by swimming to the side and pressing ACTION or by jumping into it from a jetty and then pressing ACTION.
    Press UP to drive ahead. Use LEFT/RIGHT to steer. Press ACTION to gain more speed. If you ram an object while at full speed you will lose energy. Use JUMP and LEFT/RIGHT to get out.

    Snowmobile (TR2/GM)
    Get on the snowmobileby pressing ACTION. Press UP to drive ahead. Use LEFT/RIGHT to steer. PRESS ACTION to gain speed (unarmed snowmobile) or to fire the weapons (armed snowmobile). Drive back by pressing DOWN. Dismount by pressing JUMP and LEFT/RIGHT.

    Motorbike (TR4)
    Use ACTION to mount while standing on the side. This will only work on the right, where there is no sidecar. Use LEFT/RIGHT to steer. Use ACTION to gain speed. Use JUMP as brake. Use ROLL to unmount. Press DOWN to pull back. If you want to use the Nitro you have to collect the Valve Pipe and the Nitro Canister and attach it to the bike. This done you can use SPRING to use the Nitro. If you want to unmount make sure the bike came to a hault. It might be necessary to use the brake. Use left or right to get off.

    More will follow soon.