Von Croy's stick?

  • yep it is quiet simple but, making a user name can be hard not to many opsions :(
    you don't know what you miss, untill you finally miss it :wink:

    LARA ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :0)
    LARA: You might try to kill me
    Powell: I'm not going to kill you
    LARA: I said you try

  • it'll finally hit ya how s*it life is wen you leave its ok the first 4 month then it just gets hard trust me ya better off at school wanna trade places

  • im going in ta GCSE yr 10. and i can belive you cause the holidays are really crap at the mo. im boared STIFF. but school still rubbish. i guess either way you dont win :D