Temple of Horus

  • In the first scale you have to fill 2 liters. (fill the 5 liters bottle and then fill everything into the 3 liters, 2 remain in the large bottle)

    Next: 4 liters
    Next: 1 liter

  • I'm at the bottom, trying to climb back up. I make it to the platform in the northwest corner and know that I need to climb the blocks to jump south again.

    I can't figure out how to climb the blocks!!! The two slopes just drop me back off again and there's nothing else I can jump high enough to reach.

  • Nope. I'm past that, to here... --- ,
    | Climbing up
    | Again dive towards the southwest platform to climb out. Run up to the left. At
    | the end make a running jump onto the shore. Follow it to the left end. Make a
    | running jump towards the platform in front of you. Grab the ledge and pull
    | yourself up. Continue with a running jump towards ne next platform. Again
    | grab the ledge and pull yourself up. Jump up the little ramp. Climb up the

    blocks in ther corner and face right/south again. Make a running jump slightly to the right and grab the ledge. Pull yourself up. Go towards the next edge. Jump up and hold on to the ceiling. Monkey climb forward and to the left. You will be soon hidden from Seth's attacks. At the end let go. Here Seth will be able to attack again. Follow the platform to the end. In the corner you can see a crawlspace. Make a running jump to get there and hold on the the ledge. Crawl in. Follow the path. At the end lower yourself backwards out of the gap. Run up the next ramp. At the end make another running jump. Hold on to the next ledge and pull up. Go to the right. Face towards the left/north. Make a running jump and grab the wall. Climb to the right and up. At the top turn left and climb the next wall. Climb a bit to the left and up the shaft. (Movie: Watch Lara juming out of the shaft into the room and closing the gate behind her. She seals the gate with the amulet.)

  • There is a square in one corner from there jump up the right ledge just pressing jump and up. Do not press action or anything else.