Temple of Poseidon

  • I went all the way to the temple of poseiden but didnt get the tridents. I swung from the ropes without stopping and went right into Poseiden. I am in a very large room with Egyptian face with toungues sticking out. If I explore I find statues in the middle of bodies of water but I cant find an exit to get back to the high room with the two ropes and the lift. Thanks for help. You can personally email me at gaydar74 at cs.com THANKS!

  • There is a ladder you have to climb to get back up and if I remember correctly you have to leave it with a backflip. The passage will lead back to the previous level.

  • I have all four streams going, but the pit is not filling. . .

    Any ideas? I have been running all over these levels trying to figure out what to do, so I finally resorted to the walkthrough. Except that the walkthrough says that the 4 streams will fill the pit and it is not filling. If I jump in, I just fall to my death.

    Thanks in advance.


  • It might be necessary to get rid of all the skeletons around, for whatever reason. I guess it's just another bug.

  • I started up the game again and behold, the pit was full!

    Oh well, at least it is working now. I guess it was a bug after all.



  • have found the solution myself, save and reload the game or go back tto the last trident you have put in place en return to the pool and everthing is ok :lol: