2nd Level: Peru (Temple, present)

  • Stay up in the area where Lara found the sword fragment.

    Jump up on to the platform on the right (facing the exit) and jump to the ladder. Climb, jump, shimmy and drop to a platform in front of the swing rope.

    Opposite are two platforms, the one on the left is broken and leads to the Gold reward, the one on the right leads to the exit. See Secrets Peru thread for clues to the Gold reward.

  • Hey everyone, I'm new here :p

    I'm addicted to Tomb Raider lol

    I'm on the part where there is this cat like statue, there are 3 buttons and 2 big things on either side...and there's this golden ball.

    (This part comes after Lara has to run from the falling platforms and you have to press up, up and right.)

    Now when I put the golden ball on the middle button, the statue rises.

    I don't know what to do from there. Please have a detailed explanation as I might not understand lol [hehe]

  • Hi,

    have a look for the other two balls. One of them is a bit difficult to find, search for it with the magnetic grapple. The other one you can find if you put the first ball on the right button. ;-)

    Tell if you want more hints.

  • basically the first goldeb ball should be placed at the right panel from the direction u came in.. it would open up a ladder to upper area

    at the top there is one golden ball....

    the thirth ball is at the top of a stone on teh left when u just got in to the entrance ,,,,there is a place u could attached the mangetic strap and pull it off ..

  • thanks!

    ok, I found the ball on the left at the top as well.

    I put the grapple and it held the button thing, not the ball, well how do I pull the ball down?? I move back and it won't budge

  • This seems like a really stupid thing to ask but everyone on here sounds like they know what they're talking about lol.

    After you clear the cave with the water by pulling the 4 lights out, you then go through the hole in the wall bit , once you have done that and you are in the bit where you have to use the grappler im stuck.

    I've used the first shiny metal bit and used the grappler to get up the first slope, but then once i am up that bit i cant work out how you get up the second slope.
    I point my grappler bit up to the second shiny bit but the little circle stays grey and it wont grab on to the metal bit so i would be able to swing up the slope....

    I dont know if anyone else has been stuck at this point but im stumped....

    Any help would be really appreciated !!!

  • You should be in an alcove on the right.

    I found I had to "fine tune" Lara's position right at the edge closest to the second grapple point befoe it worked.

    I think this point is buggy, I tried to attach to the first grapple point (unnecessary, I know) and Lara got stuck sideways & in mid-air.

    Bug pic.

  • yeah i got that bug as well i thought my game was scerewed up lol!!

    Im in the alcove in the right im just gona have to keep on re positioning myself...
    Apart from this little bit the games been great !!

    Cheers for the quick replies

  • i stood on the edge, i missed it twice cuz i 4got 2 grapper.
    just slowly move lara around on the corner, but be carful not to fall down

    i am stuck now though!! :-?
    in this room with some gold balls n mechanisms n things like that...
    i hate these parts!