Cradle of Life - Lara's Outfit

  • This is one of the outfits for Cradle of Life:
    [Blocked Image:]

    What do you think?

    I think this is a bad joke. The jacket is horrible, is this some journey to the past - movie? And where did the braid go, we are going to raid tombs with our hair nearly loose. I am really disappointed.

    There are some more pictures on

  • No, I don't like it either - for one, it's unpractical to raid tombs in pale clothing. And the braid? The braid is one of the most important parts of Lara's image. And it's gone! The blue diving suit looks cool though.

    "What's this?" Lara said aloud. The object shone in the light of her flare. She picked it up. The obsidian artifact was heavy in her hands. She unslung her backpack and placed it inside, her thoughts on how it would look in her treasure room.

  • I agree, I like the diving suite as well. But what I find annoying: The whole time they fill Angelina's shirt with who_knows_what and when it get's important, in diving suits and so on they forget it. :wink:

  • It's OK...

    Not exactly practical but it's not ugly or anything.

    On the whole, the outfits in the new movie look kinda cool. :) I love the Chinese outfit she has when she's checking out that artifact. And the Kenyan outfit is neat too.

    I guess although the outfits wore in the movies don't really look too much like Lara's usual stuff in the games, the stuff Angelina's wearing suits her pretty well.