Angkor Wat

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    this may be the silliest question of all time. I'm new to pc games and I bought Tomb Raider the last revelation on sale. My problem is I can't past the training level. Either I'm retarded or I don't know what the heck I am doing. Particularly with the running jump and grab. I know how to do the running jump, it's just the grabbing part that's the problem. I'm on the section where I have to run and jump then grab the rope. I am pressing action in mid air, after running and jumping and nothing is happening. Please help!!!!!!


  • Trying to grab the rope? You have to just exactly towards the rope. If you jump to far to any side it won't work. And it also won't work if you jump to far. In that case try to do a standing jump.

  • Help my grandaughter and I are playing this game together and we are really stuck. We're at the end of the first level where Lara has to run, jump and grab the rope over the pond. Then she is supposed to swing it so she can drop down on one of the ledges. The problem is.....we don't know how to make the rope "swing". The "Walkthrough" says use the "Sprint" button, but we can't figure out which one that is? We have the playstation 1.....can you help?

  • Do you still have the book that came with tomb raider four? That should have all the controls listed, but from what I can remember it should be one of the "R" buttons on the front of the joypad.
    You have to make sure Lara is positioned correctly first though. It took me a while too but she should swing if you keep pressing the buttons.

  • I can't find my TR4 Booklet so I cannot help you there, but it was R2 in TR3 and I think it was the same in TR4.

  • Aren't those things gits lol, you can just hold sprint til she's in full swing without having to time it or anything. Also, use the look button, if you're not lined up the best way to stop it swinging and realign is to climb UP the rope. Little tip there, well it helped me anyway :)

  • Apparently I'm still in Ankor Wat. I'm in a level I've never been before. Always before I have gone straight through to race for the iris. This time, we went a different way, and now I am up on a wooden bridge watching von croy continually try to run through a grey wall. I have back tracked everywhere to see if there is a switch I need to pull, and cant find anything. Help please? I dont know what i did wrong.. I have 8 golden skulls, but Lara wont let me use them. I dont know what to do.

  • If I remember correctly there is an opening in the right wall where you can grab into, this will open the door Von Croy is bumping against. I think this is some kind of bug, normally all the doors should be open for Von Croy.

  • T stop him doing this --------> :ouch: :ouch: :ouch:
    Just pull the switch on the right
    Don't get the skulls in future! They make you go a much harder path for the Von Croy race to the Iris.

  • I enjoyed the harder race, the easy version is boring :P :wink:

    It is very hard to give a walkthrough for the race, I think. There are so many things to do... All these shortcuts when the doors are open.

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    Original von tombraidergirl

    I enjoyed the harder race, the easy version is boring

    I suppose, if you're a good Tomb Raider player. But for the beginners, take the easy path :wink: .
    By the way, I like your new site design, TRG!