your favorite games

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    Originally posted by DarkestAngel
    Btw if anyones bothered a Hitman film adaptation is gonna be Released later this year.

    I can't wait for that! I'm seeing it the day it comes out.

    My list:

    1. Tomb Raider Anniversary

    2. Aeon Flux

    3. ALIAS the game

    4. Tomb Raider Legend

    5. Stolen

    6. Angel of Darkness

    7. Hitman Blood Money

    8. GTA San Andreas

    The Sims 2 would be up there if I could play it, :cry:.

  • I So Wanna Get WoW!
    :( No Fair Hope You Enjoy it
    Anyway more fave games:
    1.Jak 2
    2.Sonic Riders
    3.Shadow The Hedgehog
    4.The Urbz sims in the city (ds)
    5.This Mario Kart Racing Game That I Cant Remember the name

    Thats All For Now

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    Originally posted by English Raider
    My favourite games: (Games I have played so much the disc's are actually wearing thin!!)
    - Theme Hospital (Got the PC version from 1997!!) :shhh

    HaHa. Theme Hospital is a great game, isn't it? Simply because it's so silly; the diseases, the graphics, even the music. It's all so annoying, but in a fun way.

    Oh, and Burnout Revenge reply: I enjoyed BO:R simply because traffic can be checked (i.e. flung into a rival) whereas in BO:3, it cannot be done. This makes Takedowns all the more fun to set up... That, and my aggression is sky-high, so taking people out is wicked... especially as revenge.
    "Inner Peace through Outer Destruction"

  • my faves are (in no order) fantasy 8
    2.metal gear solid series
    3.resi series
    4.killer 7
    5.tomb raider series
    7.shadow of collosus
    8.legend of zelda series
    10.halo series
    too many more but those are the main ones.

    I think that hitman trailer looks piss poor btw lol it has the the trailer calling agent 47 a hero?! hes a bloody hitman. Just silly.

  • i've played yakuza and killer 7 too, they're classics :P there is another yakuza coming out soon too its on gamespot:…x.html?tag=result;title;1

    just paste that into the addy bar.
    Plus i've heard that the creators of shadow of the colossus may go in a different direction with their games and go cartoon style... i really disagree, they had 2 great games already (ICO + SOTC) they need not change their style.

  • been waiting for god damn ages for yakuza 2 lol was meant to be out in feb!!! shodow is just amazing i think if they do cartoon it will be just as magical :)

  • I didn't even like Yakuza 1. If you'd look around, you'd see that the release date is to be announced. The February gambit was an estimate, but it's still being worked on, the American version. It's not to be released in Europe. But as I said, I wasn't too interested in Yakuza, but I might just give Y2 a try. It looks better than the previous.

    I've updated my favourites list.

    1.) No Favourite (can't say I have a #1 favourite game)

    2.) Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness

    3.) Aeon Flux

    4.) James Cameron's Dark Angel

    5.) James Bond: Everything or Nothing

    6.) Stolen

    7.) Tomb Raider: Legend

    8.) Tomb Raider: Anniversary

    9.) True Crime: New York City

    and last but not least.....

    10.) Bully

  • the new game isnt meant to be a massive improvement over the 1st game so chances are you wont like the new game either.

  • Good point. I read a few previews for the game, and they stated similiar. I'm not too sure about video games anymore. There's no game that I really want to play, besides the X360 version of Test Drive Unlimited, and completing Dark Angel.

  • My New One:
    2.The Urbz Sims in the city fantasy x-2 fantasy XII wheels world race <----- yes i know its a kiddie game but its fun!
    6.jak and daxter
    7.the sims 2 (ps2)
    8.the sims bustin out
    9.sonic heros
    10.spongebob sqaurepants battle for bikki bottom

    [hehe] :D