Underneath the Grand Canyon

  • OK, so i'm finally telling about my project here.
    Lara has discovered caves which lead underneath the Grand Canyon. As she goes deeper she discovers that these caves were once a home of people, but their culture - unknown. She may be causing some damages to the antique caves(but that wouldn't be her now, would it?), but she enters the chambers where probobly the most treasured artefacts of these people are locked. Finally Lara understands that this clan has had hearth all over the world. As she understands this she sets out to the hearths to find the treasured artefacts there...

    New animations are included

    Levels - 2
    1. The sealed chambers - 85% done
    2. The revelation - 90% done

    What's in the first level?
    exploring - 80 %
    climbing - 3 %
    crawling - 3%
    swimming - 6 %
    puzzles - 8 %

    What's in the second level?
    (note: the whole level is a structure of tunnels, there's much much running. Here's an old pic of it: [Blocked Image: http://i139.photobucket.com/albums/q298/LaraCroftGirl/screens/tun.jpg] )

    running - 50%
    puzzle- 50 %
    If you have any more questions about the game ask.
    I'll be posting screenies soon.