Tomb Raider Underworld: Completion Thread

  • On topic, mates ;-).
    Did anyone else notice the somewhat poor character quality of Lara? I mean, if she's standing still, and you start to walk, it looks like she leans forward before taking the first step. That's not weird at all.
    On top of that, didn't they say that when it rains, the dirt would wash off her? It didn't - and I hate seeing Lara get dirty.

  • I'm with Jana, I'm pretty sure the Amelia Croft we all knew died long ago. At least her spirit did anyway. I mean, true her body was still alive, but it was not the same woman we used to know. However, there was a part of her, and I do not know how dominant that part was, that remembered Lara and remembered who she was. It's just a shame that Lara didn't realize that Amelia was trying to hug her before she shot her off the cliff. It's all too sad to think about, which is why I try to refrain from doing it.

  • Well, I ended up getting it a year later than I had planned.

    Anyway, I just finished it and it was just slightly disappointing. I enjoyed Legend much more...This game's controls were bad and everything just seemed depressing. Legend was much easier than Underworld imo. Underworld felt more like the older Tomb Raiders than Legend did? Well, to me anyway. xD

    Also I don't like the way Lara or Amanda look in this game. XD

  • Got it. Played it. Finished it.
    It was quite fun actually. :-) There were some :ouch: - moments, and it took me a while to learn some new movements, like the new headshot. I had to play it with medium details and without all the shadow or water effects etc. But even then the game looked good. :-)
    Now I'm looking forward on the Tomb Raider 9 (if I have any hope that any computer that is located in my household will be able to run it at least with low visual settings)... :thumbsup