How can I remember the computer controls?

  • I got the first four games for the computer and I've installed them. I've tried playing it but the controls are a bitch to get used to! (I've only played the originals on the playstation) Is there any way to change them or remember them?

    I can barely press the jump button! :ouch:

  • The standard controls for PC are basically pretty good and in my opinion there is hardly a better layout you can find.
    If you are having real trouble, have you considered using a game pad? You can get an adapter for the PlayStation Controller, or if you had one, you could simply use a regular PS3 controller (via usb), after installing the correct drivers.

  • The buttons you will get used to. It takes a few hours of playing and a few nights of sleep for your brain to adapt.
    Sleep over it, and the next day you will find that it's easier.

    However, if your difficulty is with the camera-based controls, that you may never really get used to that. At least I don't.

    I played TR1 so long ago, I do not remember whether it really had camera-based controls.
    I can only assume so, because I do remember becoming angry at the game for it being so hard to control. :ouch:

    In TR Anniversary at least, the effect of the "left" key ("A" on the PC) depends on where the camera and Lara are facing.
    Since the camera changes with almost every move of Lara, and often unpredictably so,
    the effect of the controls constantly changes as well, and often unpredictably so.

    Camera-based controls + unpredictable camera = unpredictable controls.

    At first glance, whoever designed this should be spanked. :hit
    On second thought, this design may be deliberate, for economical reasons.

    First, it annoys players. That may just be a side-effect, but it also serves to emotionally attach players to the game.
    If a game simply bores you, you just put it aside and never play it again, and are unlikely to buy a sequel.
    If it annoys you, you *will* remember that. The only other games that annoy me quite as much as TR are the GTA games,
    and for the same reason: the *bleep*ing controls and almost uncontrollable camera.
    If the game manages to let you beat it, even just barely so, in spite of the bad controls, even better for the game.

    Second, with the unpredictable controls, the game takes longer to play than it would with more predictable controls.
    Therefore, the unpredictable controls are a way of squeezing more play time out of the game, for the average player at least.
    As a producer, you need to invest less effort to achieve a given game time.

    So, the unpredictable controls may be part of the business model. 8|

    I prefer games with more predictable controls.
    Give me character-based controls, and a first-person perspective or at least a freely controllable camera, and I'm happy.
    I play TR for the beautiful environments, the exploration, the puzzles and the "platforming", not for the frustration.
    The excitement of battle I could do without. And I do not need to look a Lara's body the entire time.
    Mirror's Edge was great in this regard, not even a need for shooting anyone. :happi