• Hi, welcome to the forum. When you posted this, you only titeld it "Help!". That's not very helpful and therefore it took us some time to find out where your post actually belongs! I'm still not sure this is where it belongs.

    As for your question, that too is a bit short. What are your exact problems? "I'm stuck! Help!" is not very specific!

  • Hi,

    I played this bit twice. first time i had lots of ammo and it was easier. second time was a lot more difficult because i didnt have much ammo to start. killing with the pistol was a lot harder!

    basically, i was ok until those additional archers kept coming up at me. if i went for the fat guy, i was hit will the arrows. if i went for the archers, i was hit with the spiked club!

    here's a good 'ole' tomb raider trick... keep jumping as you run around. jumping helps prevent the arrows hitting and you get more time to attack. also sometimes "mr club" hits the archers for you!.

    good luck!

  • ...or you could just press the evade button (Circle on Playstation). This has the additional effect that the big Oni guy with the club does hit the ground instead of you and he sometimes gets his club stuck, which is the perfect moment to get him from behind with your trusty shotgun! ;-)