Underneath the Sphinx

  • have just locked away the bulls, done the combination AIQ and the gate at the west end opens (not the east). Ran through (the door didn't close) - jumped over the pits to the place where you can see the coloured shafts shot the bats went back to the AIQ stones and none of the combinations work. Have read the walk-thro but can't see any solutions. Can you suggest anything??

  • also a under the spinx problem.

    I did the first configuration (to open the door to the colored holes)
    I did the second configuration just as you said in the walkthrough... I did the hole thing (I pulled the lever and got that thing I need to get there) I went back... I wanted to push the buttons again, but can't push the buttons at all!!!!

    also the door to the room where I can reset is NOT opened.

    I went to a previous game and skipped through all parts with the cheatcode till i was at the same place again. I did exactly what i did before, only this time I did one wrong combination on purpos before I opened the first room.. did exactly what i did before, and now I CAN bush the buttons.

    maybe you need to do one wrong one to make the resetfunction work at all????

  • I'm stuck on the level "Underneath the Sphinx"When I type a combination it's always wrong.It's the same thing when I use the help again it's wrong and the door with the traps is opening.Please help me!!! :cry: :-( :einfall:

  • the correct sequence is right button left button middle button this opens the middle west gate in the west hall head on through. be careful when entering these gated rooms they are full of traps.
    if you need any more help let me know good luck you will need it.