Tomb Raider Legend Becomes Part of the PS2 Classics Catalog on PlayStation

PlayStation fans, get ready for the Days of Play 2024, which will begin on 29 May. As every year, there will be numerous challenges, offers on hardware and games, additional content for PlayStation Plus, Extra and Premium members, and more.

Of particular interest to Tomb Raider fans is that Tomb Raider Legend will be added to the PS2 Classics Catalog on 11 June, to which PlayStation Plus Premium members have access.

An avatar with the Tomb Raider Legend motif will be available to all PlayStation players at the beginning of the campaign period on 29 May. Use the code LAH6-GA7X-263G to claim them.


If you want to learn more, visit the official PlayStation Blog at:…tion-kicks-off-on-may-29/


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