0888 - JediMaster - Legacy of the Gods

  • I am currently playing the Custom Level Legacy of the Gods:
    I will be writing a walkthrough soon, but since I start with the German wt it might take some time. However I will post useful hints here. If anybody's interested in playing the level as well, download it from the above mentioned url and I will try to help you when you are stuck and ask questions here.

  • Looks a bit dark. Or do you mean the fact that it is in window mode?

    For number one you have to fiddle with the settings of your graphics card.

    Number two can be solved in the game setup. (Or you press Alt+Enter while playing)

  • I need help with the game. I'll put up the save game and the screenshot when I get home. But I'm at the piont where I have pulled this jump switch and a hole in a floor of this room was filled and this gate should now be opened but it is not. I'll put the save game and a screenshot up when I get home from baseball pratice.

  • Okay here is the screenshot Help!!! And a bit of the walkthrought 2. I have not used a walkthought up to this point.

    "Go to the open gate in the E wall, but just on the branch leading to it, drop from the S side of it and look for that Jmpswitch you just saw, use it (a block comes up in the floor) and make your way back up here, go into the open gate and stand at the edge, on the L side and look up in the centre of the room, shoot the Ball and, runjmp/grab the opposite ledge at the closed gate and go L or R, look for the Crowbar switches in the NW and SW corner, to open the S gate and kill the Spikes in front of it, drop to the ground floor and open some boxes, a ½ MP is all you get for now. Go pull the block S into the alcove N and the gate to the Stone will open, but first go into the alcove where you pulled the block from and follow the CS to Secret #8. Collect all Goodies and return to the centre of the room upstairs, face the new pillar and backflip to the sloped block W, jmp/grab up to the pillar and jmp to the Prometheus Stone."- from http://www.trle.net

    PS- I'll put the savegame in the next message.

  • Its been a long time since I came here. okay, I'm almost finish with the game, I can not seem to get the secret key door opened. I'll try agian but here is the screenshot of what I mean. If you have a savegame that would really help. Thanks.