Coastal Ruins

  • Can somebody help me? I'm stuck in the Coastal Ruins, I had to pick up the key, which Lara dropped near the cage, but I forgot to pick it up(I know, very stupid....) But now I went to the ruins, with the skeletons and had to use the key, but..... and I already saved it.......Is there a way out, so that I can go back to the key??Please don't tell me that I have to start all over again... :ouch:
    Thanks in advance!!
    greetings Mosine

  • I think if I remember correctly you can go back the way you came. You had to use the key in one part of the ruins, right? Somewhere here:

    Go back to the building on the left (facing towards water) I think you can climb back to the previous level.

  • Hello, thanks for your quick response! I really love to go further! But the way back I came is not possible, because it's to high(I had to lower myself there)
    But I see what I can do with your directions and the drawing. Thanks and I love your page!!

    greetings Simone

  • Sorry, you were right, I had to use one of my flares to find the exit(entrance) :oops: where I could climb out again. Thanks very much!!

    regards, Mosine

  • :( after getting the glasses and enter the secret gate with goodies like u say in the walkthrough i don,t know where to go to get out of here. tell me the exactly direcions please. thank you.

  • If you've followed my walkthrough you should have a couple of objects!? A pillar and a knob. Make sure you have them otherwise you can not continue this way and have to return to "Halls of Demetrius" for the knob and "Lost Library" for the pillar.

    From where you are climb up the ladder.

    If you have the two artifacts dive into this passage:

  • Hi,
    Could not beat the BUG to get on to Desert Railroad,so skipped to Coastal Ruins.
    Climbed the snake charmers rope to the landing but only TWO hooks in the alcove and no "broken handle". So cannot get the key to open door later on and am STUCK!
    Can I get back to Alexandria and try again or is there another way to get on?
    Many thanks,

  • Thaks for your reply.
    Perhaps I should explain that I have played this game before and took away the broom handle and hook then.
    I assumed everything would be there on the second run through as all the previous levels were OK.
    When I hit the bug trying to get into Desert Railroad I went into "Core Design "setup and clicked OK this gave several levels to choose from,so I too Coastal Ruins,when thigs went wrong.
    Is there any way of going back?
    I only have Savegames for Guardian of Semerkhet.
    Is there any other way back?
    Sorry to trouble you,but I am completely stuck just when it was getting interesting.
    If I only knew how to beat the Desert Railroad bug!!

    Thanks a million,


  • Help!I'm at the start of the level 'Coastal ruins'.I'm at "Egyrtian adventure".I took the crosbow and I'm at the slope where I have to shoot the targets.the problem is that I need a laser sight(I've pleyed the game before,but forgot a little of it).
    If anyone knows what shoud I do,please answer. :winki:

  • You get the lasersight in Alexandria. You need to return through the narrow passage into the previous level. It's in the library building, where you met Jean Yves.