What's your favourite game? (TR1-6)

  • My favourite game is Tomb Raider II (It's also the one I started with. I bought TR1 shortly afterwards. TR1 was easier in my opinion and I didn't like the locations as much as in TR2. TR3 has great locations but alas the game is at soe parts very difficult. TR4 is my second favourite, it's very huge and has variety but alas the location doesn't change much. TR5 was much to short and had to many bugs to be judged. I liked parts of it.


  • I liked TR2 a bit better then TR1, but both of those better then 3 or Chronicles. Last Revelation was nice to see back in Egypt. I have a soft spot after all.

    I am looking forward to the NextGen though, hope though that eventually they will have a bit of Tomb Raiding in it.

  • Well I like the cheats if you are on the second time through. Then you can try several things. Like using different weapons on different opponents, but you are right. It kind of ruins the game.

    By the way the third time through you're good enough and won't need them any more. ;-)

    And mainly on my second time through I tried to find the secrets I've missed in the first round, so no cheating there, either.

  • I would have to say ...Chronicles. Then again, Angel of Darkness is pretty hot!
    The intro on Chronicles is sortta sad though. :cry: :cry:


  • Ummm...doesn't Angel of Darkness come out this November?! I love tr revelation-I'm into the whole Egypt thing w/Set and Horus and stuffins! I think I would like Chronicles if I could beat the very end-I wanna know what happens!

  • Hey-Imma big fan of Indy and I wondered if you've tried Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine...it's pretty much just like tomb raider except it has nazis! (and one hot guy of course!) Just wonderin if you've tried that one yet! :D

  • Actually I have played that one. I liked it very much. I was planning to maybe extend my site to inculde Indy walkthroughs, I have just aquired the Atlantis Adventure yesterday, but I must say, I prefer the Action-Adventures. I do not like to talk my way through, I prefer exploration, a bit of fighting and a lot of jumping and climbing...

    I have heard there is also another Indy game coming out, I am going to get that one as well, but Tomb Raider first. ;-)

  • Of the 5 games, I pretty much have to say 1&4(1 being the most favorite). Whenever I'm playing a PS2 games,you'll catch me playing through TR 1 over and over(I've virtually shoved GT3 aside for TR1).

  • Since you have played TR1 a couple of times, did you ever encounter a bug in the level "Atlantis" wheren you have to get rid of the Lara Copy?

    I was to slow and the creature didn't drop into the lava pit. Instead I found it lying dead (?) underneath the sand platform. It wouldn't move. I had to reload.


  • hmmm....i would have to say TR2. it's cool because i like her wetsuit in the underwater levels, the snowmobile, her weapons, the badguys actually looked threatening, and the venice level was really cool. i have played TR1 and it sucks. i hated those monsters that looked like mummies made out of muscle or whatever they were. TR5: i have played a demo of it and it was cool. maybe i can get the full version when i have the money and time. TR4: played a demo and i didn't like it. the skeletons were annoying because they kept coming back and it wasted my ammo. :roll: TR3: played a demo of it. it sucked. it was really boring. my friend has the full version of that game and she played it and said it was boring.