• :ouch:
    Stuck in Tower 2... I did print the walk-through out, but it does not address this particular issue:
    I am in TR 1 US Version; Level 6: Coloseeum : Tower 2--Secret 3 and am in the Tower 2 but stuck on secret 3...with the pillars and the trigger platform.

    Though you step on the trigger and the door above the platform opens, as soon as you go get on top of the platform, it closes again; even if you skip the platform and pull yourself up onto the next platform, you guessed it, door closes again. Am I missing a way to keep this door open? The platform does not move, so you can't pull or push it ontop of the tirgger areas...(and apparently there is more than one trigger area).

    Any help?

  • In order to be quick enough you have to find a spot where you will trigger the door but can make one big jump to land on the block in front, otherwise you will be to slow. And you also have to land on the right end of the platform. Then you have to do some sidesaults and backsaults to reach all the other platforms. If you stop inbetween the door is closed.

  • Hi !! I don't know if you mean the puzzle with the platform and a door you have to go through, but here's a trick you can do before you go down.