Which films have you watched recently?

  • Which films have you watched recently?
    Don't forget to tell what's the film about.

    Well,I'm first,so...actually I watched today a film,but I don't remember what was it called,so I'll tell which film I watched yesterday.It was called 'Flyboys'.It was about the first world war and about men from the air attack.Well,it was about americans that were keeping the germans from bombing cities.I like war films.

  • Good god hehe i've watched loads over the past few days!

    Home Alone - a young kid gets left at home over xmas while his large family goes on holiday to france, and their house if broken into by 2 idiots. kevin (the boy) thwarts their plan and holds them off until the police arrive.

    Home Along 2- Same genre execpt kevin isnt left at home, he's supposed to have gone to Florida and he ends up in New York. The same to criminals are planning on breaking into Duncans toy chest. He stops them. Again.

    Mr and Mrs Smith (2005 version)- John and Jane Smith are a very rich but bored suburban couple, and they both work for opposing secret assasination organizations. Their complanies find out they are married after John Catches Jane on the same mission. They fight it out, have rumpy pumpy and fight against their organizations that are out to kill them.

    The Holiday- Amanda and Iris live five thousand miles apart and have never met, but are dealing with the same problem: men. Amanda having just broken up with her cheating boyfriend, Ethan and Iris having pined for her ex, Jasper, becoming engaged to the woman he left her for decide to take a vacation during Christmas. They come upon a website called home exchange and swap houses for two weeks both with a goal to forget their troubled love lives. But love ends up finding them anyways. Amanda starts a romance with Iris' older brother, Graham, a book editor and Iris starts a romance with a movie composer named Miles. With new found romance, both their lives change forever.

    The Grinch- Cant be bothered to right out a summary cos most people have seen it.

    Saw 2- Jigsaw locks a few unlucky people in a booby trapped shelter and they must find a way out before they inhale too much of a lethal nerve gas and die. But they must watch out, for the traps Jigsaw has set in the shelter guess what! also lead to death.

    Keeping Mum- A pastor is preoccupied with writing the perfect sermon fails to realize that his wife is having an affair and his children are up to no good. A nanny turns up and she has a rather unorthodox way of dealing with things.

    The Break Up- In Chicago, the art dealer Brooke Meyers feels not appreciated and neglected by her immature husband Gary Grobowski, who is partner of his two brothers in a tourism business, and decides to break-up with him to make Gary misses her. Gary misunderstands her true intention, both follows the wrong advices of family members and friends, beginning a war of sexes with no winner.

    Pirates of the Carribean Dead Mans Chest- Captain Jack Sparrow has a blood dept to pay to Davy Jones after being Captain of the Black pearl for 13 years. In a bid to keep his life he goes after the dead mans chest contain Jones' heart, so he control the sea.

    House of Wax- A group of friends on their way to a college football game falls prey to a pair of murderous brothers in an abandoned small town. They discover that the brothers have expanded upon the area's main attraction.. the House of Wax. And created an entire town filled with the wax-coated corpses of unlucky visitors. Now the group must find a way out before they too become permanent exhibits in the House of Wax

    And more but i cant be bothered to list them all.

  • How far back do I have to go? [hehe]

    The movies I have seen last are (among others): X-Men - The Last Stand, Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man's Cest, The Scorpion King (which kind of belongs to the Mummy-movies) and several James Bond movies (from old to new: Thunderball, Live and Let Die, Goldeneye, Tomorrow Never Dies, Die Another Day, Casino Royale)

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    Originally posted by rogue_90
    house of wax was disgusting.... :throwup:

    lol it wasnt out of choice... i was blackmailed into watching it.

    I'm in a right strop, i still havent seen casino royale :O

  • true, my sister is 3 and a half years younger than me and she blackmails me into things, she said she was gonna text all the lads in my contact book something nasty :O needless to say i watched the film. [hehe]

  • Here's my list of movies I have watched recently:
    Happy Feet
    X Men
    X Men: The Last Stand
    Shrek 2
    Blade Trinity
    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
    James Bond: Casino Royale
    Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
    Star Wars Episode 1 The Phantom Menace
    Star Wars Episode 2 Attack of the Clones
    Star Wars Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith
    Raising Helen
    The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

    I think thats all of them [hehe]

  • spirited away - a very strange manga (or anime? i dont the right term) tht was slightly freaky but had excellent drawings - about a young girl who movs hous but they take a wrong turn and get lost in an old forest, and go into wht seems to be an abandoned theme park, but is actually part of a spirit world... it was very good but very very VERY WEIRD

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    Originally posted by Arty-Girl
    spirited away - a very strange manga (or anime? i dont the right term)

    same difference really :-)

    Monty Pythons Holy grail- Monty python crew do a remake of the holy grail hehe