Tomb Raider Legend on Handheld Consoles

  • Tomb Raider Legend became available on Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS just before christmas 2006. For those of you that haven't got a handheld console, TRL on the consoles is a near-to-perfect copy of the original game, made by HumanSoft, not CrystalDynamics. Some puzzles, like the Bolivia swinging poles and the Ghana Waterwheel, have had to be changed, but most of the original remains with some extras thrown in. The only part of the game which does not exist is the Peru Backtrack, which is shown in slideshow. The outfits are Legend, which lara wears in most levels, Evening Dress Black Ripped, which she wears in Japan, and Winter Coat in Khazakstan and Nepal. Rewards work similarly to the original, with Bronze, Silver and Gold, only now they can be exchanged for extras (minigames, cheat codes and character pictures) at the bazaar. This thread is for all discussions on those games. This includes:

    Controlling Lara: Tips and / or difficulties
    Gameplay help: Ask your questions to the gamers and hope somebody can advise you!
    Extras: All information on the unlockable characters, cutscenes, cheat codes and minigames.
    Minigames: More in-depth info on the four mini games, Puzzle, 6Bit, Memory and Moving Blocks
    And any other issues you may have!

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    Original von MaskedRaider
    TRL on the consoles is a near-to-perfect copy of the original game

    That is highly exaggerated. These games are nothing like the original. I was highly disappointed after getting the game. And I did not expect much.

  • For somebody without a PC or PS2, with only a hand-held console, this game is actually an okay alternative, sure it's not a patch on the other versions, but most of it's still there, and for GBA the graphics are generally quite good in this game. It's far too easy if you've played the PC version though, but for younger gamers i imagine this is very good. Difficult mode actually is quite hard! [hehe]

    TRG, you've played it, is there anywhere else in the Croft Manor, like the gym? I just have a few rooms and some corridors, and i've completed the game. Are there more on easy / difficult mode, as i have only done normal.

  • I also have found only the few rooms. After completing certain levels there would suddenly appear a blinking on some of the statues or other items and when you touch this you get a reward and the next item starts blinking. You can follow the trail, but I found it rather confusing as these "secrets" seemed to pop up at random.

  • They just flashed for me. Unless i followed the trail by accident. Croft Manor is the most disappointing part of this game for me, yet i think they managed Nepal, Bolivia and Japan quite well. Do you agree all the bosses were far too easy? But i haven't done difficult mode all the way through yet, so i could be in for a shock i guess. Khazakstan's boss was so utterly pathetic!

  • I was a bit confused with the Ghana boss to tell the truth, I finally defeated him, when I stopped shooting around to reveal grapple spots and just tried pulling something down. [hehe] But yes, they were all easy. I actually don't remember every single one.

    What I found most disturbing was, that all Rewards reappeared if you died and replayed the last bit. :no:

  • I bought the game last Saturday, and i must say it's not as bad as TRG said. I'm in England at the moment, which, in fact, is very well done. It is, until now, the level which was remade best, while Kazakhstan and Peru were worst. Ghana was also annoying. But the rest is very nice :sun:
    It would get 3 out of six points from me.

  • Nepal was also well remade, except the aeroplane and the scene at the end. Not difficult at all. Bolivia redux was such a piece of JUNK [hehe] I completed the level in 19 seconds! The amandamonster was so dead easy!!! And not at all alike the one in the better versions!

    Ranking of the levels:

    1(best): England
    2: Nepal
    3: Japan
    4: Bolivia
    5: Ghana
    6: Peru
    7: Kasachstan
    8 : Croft Manor (but the ever-lasting Bronze-reward WAS useful :D)
    9: -
    10: -
    11: Bolivia Redux.

    Nessie was the only part of england i didnt like. Too simple and easy.

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    Originally posted by tombraidergirl

    That is highly exaggerated. These games are nothing like the original. I was highly disappointed after getting the game. And I did not expect much.

    I agree with TRG ... My cousin has the game for DS and it sucks :S He had to buy the game for the PS2 because he really didnt like the DS version