• :-D hi im im the pool house and i know that u have to align the skip with poles in it at the balcnoy with the markings in th floor but i really dont know how to do it because apparently when u do i right a button shows up pls help im gettin frustrated lol

  • It that the Wii version you are talking about? Because I am a bit lost on what you are doing. If it is the Wii version, you should have mentioned it, the regular version might be different and it seems that that's the case here.

  • The Wii version is completely different, from what I've gathered. So a bit of specification would help.

  • Sounds to me like you're trying to use the grapple via the inventory? If you are, don't. There's a specific button for it, don't know what console you're using but on Playstation it's :square:

  • Okay, I have completed everything but I still need that tricky secret in the gym that is still impossible to get. :run:

    I can't correctly jump from the grapple link to the two slopes near the second button; I have adjusted my rope too. :ouch:

    What am I doing wrong? I'm using the Sony Playstation 2 game version. :cry

    "Well, you have my total attention now; I'm not quite sure I've got your's though. Hello?!" -Lara Croft :crouch

  • Hi everyone I'm new. :wave2: I just start this game on my new MacBook Pro and I'm using a Logitec gamepad. I'm stuck in the library becuase EVERY time I try to jump at the picture on the wall I can't quite reach it. I can run and jump but it's never enough to get me all the way to the picture. Same with in the pool room, I couldn't reach that cross bar even from the crates. I've even tried not using the gamepad and just using the keys to jump but same thing. What's wrong? Any help appreciated.

  • Okay. I have a few ideas what it could be...

    1. I think there was a way to make a short-jump and when you release the jump button earlier Lara might also not jump as far. So try holding the jump button till you reach the target.
    2. Is it possible that you jump far enough but Lara simply does not grab hold? Have you set the controls to manual grab, maybe? Try playing around with that.
    3. I am not sure if this may apply to the mac version but in the PC version several people had problems where Lara just would not make those long jumps if they used certain graphics settings and they had to lower them, or in rare cases even raise them.

  • Thanks for the quick reply. Well I always keep the jump button held down and I do have the grab set to on, but it does not change anything. I'm not sure about the graphics setting part though. Maybe you could describe a little more what I should do with that?

  • As I said I am not sure if it applies on the Mac. On PC there are graphics options in the in-game menu where you can tweak the settings. Turn on/off "Full Screen Effects", choose a quality for "Textures" and what not. Changing them might help.

    BTW: Have you started the game yet, do the same problems occur in-game?

  • soooo i got the decorative bow, but i died in the tunnel on the way out of the pool room to the training room. when i respawned at my last checkpoint, the bow was not in my inventory nor was it in the water where the statue fell and broke in the pool room. what do i do? how do i fix it?