Arctic Sea - Helheim

  • [Blocked Image:]

    I get here. Getting across is ok, once fat boy and friends are dispatched.

    However, I find four of these, Activate them and nothing happens.

    [Blocked Image:]

    What have I missed? I was hoping the poison waterfall might stop and I’d use the swing to get somewhere – or something?
    Annoyingly, I tried a couple of times and then moved on, thinking this is another one of those; do it on the way back tricks. Maybe it is! Currently, im in the midst of the battle a bit further on. Im finding the hammer a bit useless and the best plan to simply give the fat boys the runaround :-) anyone had any luck with the hammer strike move?


  • I assume the symbols have a purpose in finding the relic or something. I have not found any use for them in advancing.

    I did not use the hammer at all, as I simply did not think about it as useful weapon (me = pistols girl), but my boyfriend did, and he had a much easier fight than me.

  • Thanks.

    I’ve also discovered the pistols are actually the better weapon. For example, during the bit with the men on the boat, although the pistols have less range than say the rifle, they are quicker to reload and you can get a lot more shots off than, say the shotgun – which has a slow repeat rate, albeit at less damage per shot. Also im finding melee combat quite fun. Pushing monster off ledges works quite well.

  • What have I missed?

    I was about to find that out but I've run into an annoying glitch: Every time I die I have to start again from the top of one of the towers outside. It seems the game doesn't know where the checkpoints are anymore. Luckily I'm only in "Treasure Hunt Mode", if that had happened while I was trying to get through the game it would have been even worse!

    Edit: I figured it out.

    (I figured out the autosave-glitch I had, too. While running the game I removed the autosave from the savegame folder. When I reached the next checkpoint it was recreated and now it works again.)