Report Vandalism/Spam

  • Didnt know people could comment on Wiki Raider?..

    Could you not put a ban on it so people wont comment it, unless they have your permisson tombraidergirl?

  • The problem is: This way someone who wants to register to post serious content right away would have to wait for someone to unlock his/her account. People might not have as much patience (I would not).
    These spammers alas register to post their crap.

    I was trying to use a spam blocker but the wiki software is not perfect and it malfunctions all the time, I have too look into this when I have more time...

    At the moment I am not allowing regular users to open new articles. This way they at least cannot spam the wiki by posting new articles about crap. Alas there are still a lot of real Tomb Raider articles that don't exist yet.

  • I am currently trying something new with the wiki.

    From now on IPs that have frequently been used for vandalism on forums or wikis around the world have been banned. I hope that wont cause trouble for anyone else and keeps out spammers (even those without any external links).

  • Lots of spam pages have been created by spambots with the following name: Roswald84 and Kalani99, both spambots have been spamming since the 26th of February 2012.

    I've blanked many of the pages this evening, but I haven't added them to "Articles for Deletion" page. I was browsing around the MediaWiki page, and read about CAPTCHA. So, I was thinking whether it could be used against spambots... :think:

  • I tried using captchas but it did not work, neither did blocking certain keywords. Don't bother too much about blanking pages, I was planning on deleting the spammers with all their articles, but I have to update the wiki for that and at the moment I cannot find the time.