I should probably introduce myself properly

  • I've been around for a few days but I feel I haven't introduced myself properly.

    My name is Beth, I'm sixteen years old. I've been a fan of Tomb Raider since I was no older than eight. I love Tim Burton movies, Monty Python and I love The Sims 2. I have dyspraxia (same as Daniel Radcliffe) and I love to write stories and I'm writing a Tomb Raider fanfiction at the moment, actually. It's about Alister but you'll hear about it later when I post it.

  • Welcome to the forums, :wave2: ! I'm also a fan of the Tim Burton movies and the Sims 2. We'll get along splendidly, [hehe] ! Looking forward to your fan fiction as well.

  • Hey, BethRaider :wave2: Monty Python is hilarious and Tim Burton is pretty awesome ;-)
    Allow me to properly welcome you to the site :P

    May the Force not be Against you ;-)

  • Hi, everyone! These smileys are hilarious! :D My fanfiction is also quite humorous. Might I say, Zip's sister is probably the funniest character.