Sanctuary of Flame

  • Hi

    I'm close to getting to the stairs at the end of the room in the Sanctuary of Flame but keep getting hit by the wave of fire that comes over, as there's no time to make the remaining jumps to the end of the room towards the crystal. Thing is, I saved the game here so I'm well and truly stuck!!

    Any help would be much appreciated!! :D

  • Me too! I keep dying from the wave of flames. I am not quite so restricted as I have saved at the begining of the level as well as the final few jumps, but it does not seem to matter what I do, the wave of fire always gets me. I have even managed to get half way up the steps, before dying to the wave. Any thoughts would be very gratefully received as I am getting really close to giving up!! :ouch:

  • :sun: so happy - thank you!! Have now learned to wait until all fireworks subside before making my run. Have got crystal and am now mastering how to get back!! yay! :lol: