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  • I'm new here, and I seem to be unable to register with the wiki, instead, I am redirected to the login page, with no option to register, has anyone else had this problem? Sorry if this is in the wrong section. ~~~~

  • That is correct for the moment. Due to a massive wave of spam I locked it down.

    I will unlock it for a few days, so you should be able to register without problem. Sorry for the inconvenience and welcome. :wave2:

  • I'm having problems in registering to WikiRaider too. After clicking the register link under the section "Working on wikiraider.com", I'll end up to this page, and I'm not sure how to continue... :huh And cookies are enabled.

    It does say "Log in /create account" in the top bar of the window (don't know what it's called, where it also says the browser you use, the page where you are etc.), but if I type an Username and Password there and click "Log in", a red box appears saying


    Login error
    There is no user by the name [insert username here]. Check your spelling.

    But I don't see any other options there than doing that... Is the registration locked down?

  • Yes, the registration is locked down. I will unlock it later tonight for a short time. Please let me know when you have registered, so I can lock it down again. At the moment a lot of spammers attack the wiki otherwise and the spam filters don't catch them, as they post stuff that seems useful...

  • I would like to be able to sign up, please. I have a request I would like to make to the user tombraidergirl on behalf of SEIWA (these guys here http://seiwanetwork.org ). I would have done it in PM, but I just recently joined and apparently I don't have the permissions available to do that.

    Thank you.

  • Sorry about this, for some reason i'm not allowed to create my own topic so this is my last resort, you ca delete it once your done reading it.

    basically I'm having a debate with my partner over tomb raider... i swear on my LIFE that there is a tomb raider that allows you to switch back to
    orginal ps1 graphics? I remember playing it? and my partner says i'm
    making it up. She says she's the biggist tomb raider fan and would of
    known of such a thing. I have spent an hour looking online for any proof
    but I cant. So i'm leaving my decision up to anyone on this fourm.
    Please let me know if i'm right... or if my memory is playing a dark
    prank on me :(

    thank you. and again sorry for posting here.