0181 - Horst Kolodziejczyk (Hokolo) - Deep in the Jungle

  • I've been in here since I downloaded this game...lol, I've seen Jone's bones,totempole,been over to the airplane, but what now?? I'm stuck!

  • I used the wrong name first time ...sry , This is me again....

    I had climbed on the ceiling back over to jone's bones but this is where im stuck,, at the totempole there a closed door on the right --to the left over the hill is water "i cant get out of on the other side"

    thanks for the reply - 's

  • Well, it's a while agon but I think there was somewhere a hidden passage. You had to trigger another bolder or something. It's somewhere hidden behind leaves. You cannot get through the river. There is going to be another way to get there later on.

  • I don't know what triggered the boulder but i did make it through the leaves and I'm on my way now. thanks

    by the way.......i downloaded "Tomb of the Vikings" took a few days but made it through it without the walkthrough .. lol

    Love your site an thank you again.

  • I'm wandering around Jone's bones but can't get the hidden bolder to trigger. I have found a crawlspace which I can climb up to, but I can't get in no matter what keys I seem to try.

    Any help would be app.

  • To get through a crawlspace your legs have to dangle, then press up and crawl. But if I remember correctly couldn't make it through the gap eiher, but it should be working.

    I think I found a ramp close by and made it over with a sidesault or something like this.

  • Deep in the Jungle in a nicely detailed level, unfortunately I got stuck. I found the first Golden Vraeus, climbed the pyramid, killed the ninjas, put the two canopic jars in the nitches, and am now in the tall room with the stairway going down and a fire at each corner of the ground floor lava room. I can see the second Golden Vraeus behind the closed gate on a middle floor. All the other doors are down. I have jumped on, up, and grabbed everything I could find and still have not found the elusive switch. A hint would be nice. Thanks.

  • I am sorry, I couldn't tell you more, but I just can't remember. Good luck with the rest of the level. Besides on http://www.mprager.de is a forum where they talk about all custom levels, there are a couple of threads about this level. So if you are stuck again you could also have a look there, and ther might be people who have recently played the level and can remember.

  • I need help, I don't how to trigger the hidden boulder, I need help. What did I do wrong???? Help!!!!!!! I have been to the plane and back to where I started, back at the pole and indaina bones. I'm going to stop playing Lara's Coastal Home until I have finished this level. :ouch: :ouch: :ouch: :shoot: :shoot: :shoot: :shoot: :shoot:

  • Have you found that you can destroy part of the plane (I think it was a wing) which is blocking a passage, with the pistols?

    Besides that I don't remember a part where I got stuck, I just ran around everywhere. There were parts of the greenery where you could get through, although it didn't look that way.

  • Sorry, but I had to install it first.

    There is an underwater door you can open by pulling it (just press action while swimming in front of it). It is when you dive into the main chamber behind that statue head on the left side, at the wall on the right. There's an airhole.

    Savegame attached.

  • I need help again how do you open the other underwater doors I got the lasersight, two large medi packs and the crossbow, what do I do now??? Does someone have the walkthrough for this level???? if so please e-mail me.