Hardest/most annoying level?

  • The snowmobile and Venice speedboat were both great. :)

    I also liked quad bike in Lara's house in TR3 quite a bit.

    As for fave levels, the Tibet and Xian levels of TR2 rank very high in my list along with Area 51 in TR3.

    Coming back to the annoying bits, the Atlantis levels in TR1 really bugged me and so did some parts of the VCI levels in TRC. :-? I always found those quite tough to manage even with unlimited ammo and health.

  • I'd have to say...the Breath of Hades sub level in the hall of seasons. Nothing has ever agitated me more. Although the Kayak came very close...

  • I wouldn't say "Breath.." was hard. It was quite easy for me...

    1) "Hall Of Seasons" (Spirit of the Keeper Remix :) ). I hope you know why... :ouch::ouch:
    2) "Red Alert" in TR5. Bugs, bugs, bugs. Bugs. Bugs, bugs, bugs, bugs, damn bugzzzz.... As angelreject2003 said, wrong save in the wrong place does it all... :evil: Last time I saved right after I went out of the lift and the two guys that should've been falling from top (in front of the door leading to the helicopter) didn't appear. :ouch:
    3) "Coastal Ruins" in TR4 when you come to it for the first time.
    How the hell should I know that I have to press "Action" in front of one tiny little hook? :ouch:

    Any given TR3 level. Not really hard but very long and takes a lot of time and patience.

  • Definately the breath of hades gets my vote for annoying level. I have enough trouble getting Lara to land on ledges without them moving too and stone statues blowing wind at Lara too :ouch::ouch:
    But I did get the goodies on the still post last time (the level took me an hour with a lot of reloading, lol)

  • I thought the Breath of Hades wasn't that bad by AOD standards. The Wrath of the Beast level made me want to *shout rude things and kick people*. How was I supposed to know that your meant to do an insane jump combo through the middle of a room made up of unstable rock plinths and bottomless chasms??? I only found it by sheer luck.

  • Theres a slightly easier way of getting across the wrath room. When the ground disappears look for the side with the bandages on the floor, then climb up and look for the ledge directly opposite to run/jump to. Then side step the short bit of wall. that cuts out some of the combo jumps across the room.
    After that, I just let the moving rock carry Lara most of the way across and jumped for the ledge next to the gold one. Its just a few ledges away from safety that way. 3 jumps further up is a safe ledge that wont give way. It took me several attempts to get that room done too, until I found the bandages route :D .

  • Hello, welcome to the forum.

    You can skip that by using the level skip cheat:

    PS: during game: L2 R2 L2x2 R2 L2 R2 L2 R2 L2x4 R2 L2 R2x4 L2

    PC: during game: draw pistols, one step (Shift) back, one step forward, crouch, then turn around at least three times, jump forwards.

    But that's not very satisfying if you ask me.

  • I'd say the most annoying level is the Strahov in AOD! It was jam packed with bugs for me! I had to restart the entire game 4 times to get through it. Now, however, it is fine. Here's what went wrong:

    1) Cannot get out of the very beginning. I grabbed the medipack in the crate, saved, and an invisible barrier was trapping me! Restart.

    2) The box puzzle. I pushed and pulled, but I couldn't move any boxes! Restart.

    3) I moved the boxes correctly and turned the wheel for the gas and saved. I went over and saw that the gas hadn't stopped. I couldn't turn the wheel again either. Restart.

    4) When you leave the air duct after poor Luddick's untimely death. I killed the guard and saved. He didn't drop the security pass. Restart.

    I swear, I wanted to throw the PS2 out the window by the time I was past it!

  • Quote

    Original von Kurtis99

    2) The box puzzle. I pushed and pulled, but I couldn't move any boxes! Restart.

    The same happened to me. [Blocked Image: http://larasmansion.com/smiles/thumbsdown.gif]


    Original von Kurtis99

    I swear, I wanted to throw the PS2 out the window by the time I was past it!

    No,no. I could never do that. How would I then play the game with the most attracktive male computer game character? :P