Which Tomb Raider game was the most difficult you have played?

  • I´ve only played TR 4 and Legend, so TR 4 was the most difficult game I´ve played.

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  • Tomb Raider 4, simply because it was so long winded and convoluted that i lost interest after the 30th level, and also because you needed a huge amount of revolver ammo to get through the Mastabas, and i didn't have enough to make it through. I had to restart from my last save, which was in Trenches.... ooh.... [hehe]

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    I have to agree with TRG here. Tomb Raider III was the most difficult for my mom ,sis and I. We still havent been able to finish it. [hehe]

    We've finished almost all of the games (excluding TR III, Unfinished business [really bad graphics] and AOD coz I had to uninstall it) and I can not get past the Temple of Puna level, SOuth Pacific levels. The rolling thingys kill me every time. ;-)

    Aha. To date, I have now finished TRIII and TRA (which counts as TRI: UB, so there :hit:). AOD had bugs, so not finished... bugger.
    TRIV was the hardest for me, as it was the first one I played, so I had to catch up three games' worth of experience and then learn new controls too. Some of the puzzles were brutal.
    TRIIIwas very tricky (esp London... enter walkthrough!).

  • I think the Last Revelation (TR4) was the hardest! I can just remember running around the same place for ages because I was stuck on where to go next, and I would consider myself an experienced player! (Started when TRII came out)

  • I'd say TR4 - very long and many levels.For me the most hard levels were Underneath the Sphinx and the rest of the levels after it.

    I'll choose the three most difficult TR games for me:

  • TRAOD wasn't too hard for me, but I think i stopped before it got really difficult... my game had a bug. Stoopid. I didn't even get to play as Kurtis *wails*.
    TRIII was hard... mainly because of London.
    TRIV was bad... but I like it that way!

  • I didn't play them all, just 5 of them + demo of Legend. Missed out on chronicles and last revelation. :roll:
    I have to pick between TRII and TRIII and it's a really tough choice lol I think that TRIII is harder because of all the well hidden secrets and keys. Even the first levels in the jungle are hard, Nevada has that cool prison escape level which I found hard and stressing, London level is awesome. TRII is my favorite, but TRIII was harder.

  • I think the hardest out of any of them would have to be Tomb Raider III. The whole game was really dark, I was lighting flares left and right. And even then, it was really hard finding things. I hated the final London level, with all the mucky, nasty water that you had to swim through, even with a flare everything was really hard to find. I guess I liked the areas Lara explored, they were new and interesting. The graphics were pretty good, too. But other than that, most of the new moves were a bit hard to get used to, especially after playing Tomb Raider and Tomb Raider II back to back.

    I also thought Angel of Darkness was hard, not because of the usual reasons, but because of bugs x_x...There were many times where bugs messed up my game and I had to reload my PS2. One time I was running through Paris and she just FELL through the road, and the whole background was black, with Lara falling, and she just kept screaming! I had to reload. And what was the deal with everything going all slow when Lara approached enemies? It was seriously lagging, I was wondering if I was playing a Matrix game rather than a Tomb Raider game.

    Haven't played TR4 or 5, but 1, 2, Legend and Anniversary were all pretty easy (for the most part)

  • I think I'd have to say the Last Revelation. It seems that the earlier the Tomb Raider games, the harder they were, but I found LR straight difficult. On top of that, Legend was too easy.

    Hopefully Underworld will be a system of checks and balances. I thought Anniversary was pretty tough too. I couldn't beat it without using the strategy guide, :oops: .

  • TRAOD wasn't too hard for me, but I think i stopped before it got really difficult... my game had a bug. Stoopid. I didn't even get to play as Kurtis *wails*.
    TRIII was hard... mainly because of London.
    TRIV was bad... but I like it that way!

    Hmmmm. I'd like to revise my statement. TRAOD is pretty difficult this time around, because it's far too dark (and I have no option to adjust :weird ). London (TR3) was just psychopathic [hehe]
    Last Revelation was by far the hardest game, though. That's why it's still my fave :P

    I found anniversary pretty easy though, :weird I was done in less than a week, lol.

  • The hardest Tr game for me was Tr tlr. It also took me the longest to finish. One of my fave parts was the part where you had to play senet. I liked it so much I think I played it at least 20 times.
    Traod has to be the most frustrating of the lot. :ouch: It so so loaded with bugs I was so close to use insecticide on that one.
    For me Tr 2 was the easiest one . But legend and anniversary are by far the best looking ones. Can't wait to have a look at underworld. Anyone here know about the specs required to play this game? Please don't make me buy another new graphics card :awe