Sayings or Quotes You Often Use

  • This topic was a huge success in the German part, so I thought I'd bring it to you.

    Which sentences (you made up, or famous quotes) do you often use?

    English quotes I often use are:

    • "(But) why is the ... gone?!" (from Pirates of the Caribbean, "But why is the rum gone?!")
    • "Bygones" (from Ally McBeal, Richard Fish)
    • "Indeed, Daniel Jackson" or "Indeed, Colonel O'Neill" (to my boyfriend and other male friends), "Indeed, Samantha Carter" (to my female friends) (from Stargate)
    • "Annoying one" (from Buffy, said by Spike)
    • "You know who" (Harry Potter)
    • "my precious", "Fool of a Took!" (Lord of the Rings)
    • "Frak" replacement for the f-word in the new Battlestar Galactica
    • "Frell" replacement for the f-word in Farscape
    • "Freeezzze" (Lei Wulong, Tekken 4)
    • "Whatever" (in a certain voice, from the movie Clueless)
  • Good idea for a thread! Here's my list.

    • Indeed
    • Agreed
    • F**k all (example: "I had lunch, I went to the mall, did f**k all, and went home")
    • You alright, then?
    • Tell me not! (another way of saying, "Do you agree with me?")
    • D'know what I mean?
    • Have you got any (enter item here)
    • He's/She's a right nutter, he/she is. (my favorite one)
    • Sometimes I told you so just doesn't cut it. (when I'm right about things)
    • Define. (if someone asks me if something is (enter verb here), I'll repeat the verb in question and say "Define")
    • *D'know, it's gonna be a real pleasure to shut you up (when I'm telling someone off or otherwise)

    That's my list then. Rather long, but I normally say those things on a daily basis.

    *Anyone know where that's from?

  • I usually use and make my own phrases up, especially if something or someone has annoyed me;

    ...slices my pasty.
    ...grates my cheese.
    Sorry, have you mistaken me for someone who actually cares?
    Why do you feel the need to tell me this?
    Yes, because that piece of information is clearly going to change the path of my life.
    B*ll*cks. irish jessy/ drunken donkey.
    My gran could...better than you.

    Alternatively, I use the infamous phrase that Catherine Tate coined in the French Oral sketch.
    Regardez mon visage! Est-ce que mon visage bovvered? Non parce que je ne suis pas bovvered! ...

    Yes, as you can see I'm an extremely antisocial and spiteful young adult.

  • how about.......
    are you kiddin' me
    fair dinkum ( aussie for is that so )
    don't f**k with me
    who gives a damn ( s**t - optional )
    anyone else here who wants a mouthful........( earful )
    shut your gap and engage your brain...
    read my lips

  • Shiny (Of Firefly/Serenity fame)
    Schweet (a local saying) or alternatively, my own adaptation: Schweet like a chicken
    You're a cake! (my own, to mean a twit)
    We have chemicals for that. (a gem uttered from an acquaintence)
    why is the coffee [always] gone?! (adapted from PotC)
    Well, you know, it's the little things/challenges in life. (borrowed from a friend)
    Hey, it could be worse!

  • I've taken to two using two new phrases.

    Oh balls - for when I've done something inherently clumbsy.
    I'm going to take court action / I'm taking that to court - When I've been annoyed by an inanimate object.

  • I love the latter one, [hehe] .

    I recently started saying 'yumtingz' and 'that's well yum', from my friend Sian - she's rather hilarious.

  • I love the latter one, [hehe] .

    Hehe, here is the list for all the things I have threatened with courst action so far;

    Greggs bakers 'cause they didn't have a Cheese & Ham Hot Sandwich
    My phone as it wakes me up at 6:30am
    The wind and cold weather as I was unable to feel my face after ice skating yesterday
    MSN because it has a hobbie of logging me off
    My sister and her Christmas Party...that is self explanatory.
    My optician, he told me that I shouldnt compute or read as much as it is apparently destroying my eyesight.
    The credit crunch because I can't get a job and I want a PS3.


    Another of my phrases:

    Gan home - Another delightful little phrase which is derived from Notheast Slang.

  • onya - for... well done
    get outta here - for... really
    and every name ends in ......ster ( ex. Lara would be ....the Larster )
    tell someone with ears - for.. not listening !
    That's already been written on an old mesopotamian stone tablet - for..... you're telling me an old joke.

  • That's already been written on an old mesopotamian stone tablet - for..... you're telling me an old joke.

    Haha, like that one.

    Recently I started saying "Thanks, Captain Obvious" everytime someone... well, states the obvious. Last week I used it, like, 10 times a day. I'm annoying myself with it, but oh well [hehe]

  • When I'm trying to make a point, especially when it involves me talking about one person to someone else, I usually say the same thing. An example of it would be:

    "When was the last time you saw them help someone other than themselves? Don't worry, I'll wait".

    I make a lot of people laugh saying that, although I don't get what's so hilarious about it.

  • Would you mind moving your apple out of the picture ... If someone stands in front of the telly while I'm watching something. [hehe]

  • You are validating my inherent mistrust of strangers
    -Got this one from a friend, he was approached by a salesman who tried to con him [hehe] .

    The fact that no one understands you doesn’t mean you’re an artist.
    -I heard this one from somewhere and decided that I would adopt it.

  • Just remembered one of my faves...

    "Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not after you." By Nirvana (or whoever they got it from), I guess.

  • I say this to some people I know who are, "wannabe depressed" so to speak. They pretend to be emo because they think it's cool, and they're always like "oh no one understands me", blah blah blah.

    So I say, "Just because no one understands you, it doesn't make you an artist". That or "Just because no one understands you, it doesn't make you emo and/or depressed".

  • ^And you claim to hate those who havent the imaginative ability to think for themselves? I sense hypocrisy hehe ;-) Joke.