Sayings or Quotes You Often Use

  • As far as I'm concerned, being emo isn't a trend; it's a sickness - it involves self-harm and shunning yourself from the outside world. People who aren't actually emo who try or want to be--that's not imaginative or thinking for yourself--that's stupid and copying those around you, the latter I can't stand. But yeah, am I little hypocritical when it comes to some things, :oops: .

    I just said something to someone earlier and I think I'll remember it since it happens a lot. I tend to get annoyed when people my own age or a little older try to lecture me - so one of my acquaintances did so, and I said in response, "Please, spare me the lecture, Mr. Freud. That's what I have my parents for, and even they know to hold their tongues when it comes to talking to me about logic".

  • As far as I'm concerned, being emo isn't a trend; it's a sickness - it involves self-harm and shunning yourself from the outside world.

    I don't wanna start an argument about this sensitive topic, but trust me in this, most people who suffer from the urge to harm theirselves don't want to be called "emo", mainly because this word is now being used for this sort of wannabes who aren't really depressed or have had a traumatic experience, but try to do this nevertheless just to fit or in, or because they've read it in the latest issue of a teen magazine and think it's a good way of getting attention. Because of these people, other ones who have a mental instability aren't taken seriously sometimes. ;-)

    Please don't think I want to "lecture" you! I wouldn't say this if I didn't have some experience with this in any kind. And as I said before, everyone I know who does this to him or herself is very allergic to the term "emo" due to all this. ;-)

    Oh well, sorry. To keep it ontopic:
    Lately I've been adopting "Watch me care!" because I read it somewhere, and "Oh bother..."

  • While you guys are discussing emo(tion)s . A girl I know used to be an emo and she now converted herself to a grunge. She looks the same and acts just like before her 'conversion' ( her choice word at the moment ). Now tell me, what's the difference ? :think:
    Back to the topic............
    I like that one :" Everyone is entitled to my opinion " Got that one off my brother. :thumbsup

  • Why get high when there are other ways to achieve a smug sense of superiority?
    -Usually used for when the topic of drugs is being discussed.

    Anything that is man-made has the right to be mocked, 'cause we're a pathetic, self destructive species.
    -This is a phrase I use frequently 'cause I can't seem to train myself to be more simplistic and just appreciate everything for what it is.

    • "i have no clue"
    • "if you do (what ever it is i want you to do) that would be very much appreciated!"
    • "what-ever"

    there's probably more but that's the major one's i know! XD :shoot:

  • I started saying "Piss off, nutsucker!" to anyone who tends to annoy or insult me. I've been getting so aggravated with "friends" lately for any and all reasons.

  • "Those stodgy bastards at Oxford will have kittens when they here of this"
    Okay, you wouldn't have thought there was many opportunities to use this one, but ask my friends, I use it!! ;)

    And "Yub yub commander"
    Replaced "aye aye cap'n"

    "Watch me care"
    "Back in my day, Alderaan was a planet"
    "May the force by with you"
    "It's called coincidence"

    Or, "it's not Excalibur" which I use whenever someone gets something wrong....

    {KZAA} ~We're shooting stars, WITH A TRAIN~ "Make books, not war" - RedHell, too right!

  • "Watch me care"

    Thanks to your post I finally remember where I read this and adopted it from! [hehe]

    RedHell wrote:

    Lately I've been adopting "Watch me care!" because I read it somewhere


    I'm using "Nothing shows 'I love you' like [...fill in the blank...]!" pretty much nowadays everytime soneone close to me does stupid things that annoy me.

  • I've been saying "Excuse me while I laugh [turns head] HA" at the best of moments as it fits right in. As well as my quote, "Piss off, nutsucker!".

  • Are you at the top of a tall building? Can you get to a roof quickly? Jump off!
    Stolen from 40 Year Old Virgin. Used for when telemarketers phone the house number and I fancy an argument. This is also used if any pretentious religious groups decide to disrupt the silence in my home by their frequent calls, alongside some choice words.

  • Everytime I get a telemarketing call, I always say "Oh, I'm terribly sorry but I'm rather busy right now. May I have your phone number that way I can call you back at a more convenient time?". Then most of the time they say, "Oh, I don't really give out my numbers to strangers" or something along those lines in which I respond, "Oh, because you don't like strangers calling you at home?" and they reply, "Yeah", and I say, "Well, neither do I!" and hang up.

    Works 84% of the time, I would say.

  • I realise this hasn't been used for a while, but it looked fun so I thought I'd be a complete noob and join in :D

    Here's my list:

    • "heeey, [insert name here]zieBabez!"
    • "Whatevs"
    • "could do?" [Used to answer when someone calls your name, could also be substituted for : "possibly?" , "maybe?" , or "no?"]
    • "alright my lover?"
    • "if you [insert situation here], I'll come at you with a stick".
    • "wanting a sandwich" [AKA, stalking people. Eg: "he wants your sandwich" = "he's following you"]
    • "yeah, boy!"
    • "WooHoo!"
    • "tbf"
    • "lol!" [yes, like the normal "lol" you would type, except you say it.]
    • "not like that, you pervert"
    • "now what exactly was the point in that?"
    • "I wanner cupper tee!"
    • "sweeeeeeet"
    • "elaborate on that"
    • "big a*s" for something big, or if it's massive, "f**k off" [eg, "that's one big a*s dog!" or "...and there was this f**k off pile of crap in the way..."
    • "you know what I mean?"
    • "I've watched enough [insert TV show here] in my life to know [insert fact here]" [eg, "I've watched enough Top Gear in my life to know that the "Ka" in Ford Ka is pronounced "car"]
    • "I'm gonna tell you something, it's going to shock and astound you... [insert obvious point here]
    • "yeah? well... you're a chav"
    • "if that's not the most [insert describing word here] thing ever, I don't know what is"

    apparently I say a lot of things. Sorry, guys. :roll

  • I've recently found myself saying "Jesus H. Christ" despite the fact that I am not of the Catholic/Christian faith. I've also found myself saying "Excuse me while I laugh" and then turn my head to make the action.

  • After people explain something quite obvious to me:
    "Great. Now that I know that, I can finally be at rest and feel at peace with life and the universe."

  • Oh don't you just hate when people tell you the awfully obvious, especially when they think you don't know? I can't stand it - it happens to me all the time. I like it here in the The Person Above Me thread because it's all in good fun and playful banter, but when it comes to other people, it's just like GAH must you underestimate my intelligence?!


  • Just today, someone actually told me, "You know, you can be a very negative person half the time." and I couldn't help but respond, "Sad to see you're just noticing now." I feel bad a little for being rude to some people later on in the day, but in the end, I just assume they shrug it off, allowing me to do the same and move on. Strangely, a few times I was rude to people I couldn't care less about and found myself apologising for reasons I do not know. I just lie and say it was good karma on my part.

  • When people do that to me I can't help but just go, really sarcastically, "umm, yeah, have you not noticed?"
    For example, a couple of days ago one of my old school friends that goes to the same College as me came into my group's part of the Studio [art college, woop!] and said "Em! You've got new glasses!!"

    I've had my checkered glasses [<<as shown] since October.

    Honestly.... :roll

  • Ha, you think that's bad? A friend of mine who sees me everyday just said to me yesterday, "OMG, you have glasses?!" and I've had them since what, two or three or even four years.

    :stupid [hehe]