Alternate Ending Found!

  • I uploaded it to YouTube, as did several hundred other people, :pinch , but regardless, here it is:

    It was the alternate ending taken out of the final version of Tomb Raider Underworld, an ending I'm not so fond of. I myself prefer the actual ending used in the game.

  • How did you get that? Is there a way to trigger this ending in the game?

    Nope, there isn't as far as I know.

    This thread at TRF would be the origin, I guess, I just discovered it over there... Some guy seems to have found it somewhere, all a bit vague.

  • Actually, I've reason to believe that it's not an alternate ending, but continuation from the real ending; when Lara departs, the camera turns to look outside through the hole in the ceiling of the temple - I imagine the cutscene would have faded into Lara walking through the snow and Amanda trying to kill her once more. But then again, all that is squashed by the fact that Amanda was running - impossible for she had hurt her leg in Helheim.

    Still, I like the real ending better when Amanda just finally leaves Lara alone. I just can't believe Lara left Amanda there to die. I would have picked her up and carried her to safety, just to prove that Lara isn't a heartless person like Amanda believes.

  • Hopefully Eric Lindstrom can talk about this cutscene a little bit for us, if he's allowed. I would definitely like to know what it was all about. It's honestly a very random cutscene, but could very well fit in given a few tweaks of the storyline.

  • I have a contact at Eidos thanks to a fan-film I worked on yonks ago, would you like me to ask her to see if she knows anything?

  • OK, here's what she said.

    Please ignore the bit where she says I'm a's past tense now! :-)

    Edit: Ignore the top half, we go back a bit, tis all...

  • Very much appreciated, WintersDream, :thumbsup . Ironically enough, the explanation she gave was the same I predicted; continuation to the ending. Glad to hear the facts!

  • Uhm, I just read a thread over at TRF where an employee of Eidos clearly points out that this is a fake.

    Now I'm quite curious what you'd have to say about this ;-)

  • Over at TRF, jaywalker (Eidos) explained this alternate ending. The file was found on the PS2 game disc, by the way.


    One thing tho it was an `extension` of the ending, not an alternate as the thread title suggests. It would have originally played after the `final` cutscene played. For reasons best known to CD and the design/story team it was decided not to show it (most likely as the final scene made it a bit more open ended as to what happened)

    Thought I'd post this for everyone who doesn't read threads at TRF on a regular basis. And this statement's certainly no fake, just to clear it up ^^