You know you're obsessed with TR when...

  • I like these threads other forums I use and I haven't seen anything like this on here yet. I'll start off:

    1. You're at your work placement (which is a primary school) and the teacher mentions a gauntlet and you burst out laughing.

    2. You realise you're still not over Alister's death.

    3. If you have a daughter at some point in the future, you'd name her Lara.

    4. You want Lara's triangular breasts back.

    5. You think Alister is attractive.

    6. You think Zip is attractive.

    7. You think Larson is attractive despite the fact you don't like blonde guys.

    8. You beat up a tree because you're not old enough to see the film.

    9. You are furious with your dad because he saw it without you.

    10. You suddenly get an interest in King Arthur.

    11. You were eight years old, you believed the Lost Valley was a real place.

    12. You think a girl in your class looks like Natla.

    13. You think Barbie Orr (famously known as John Cleese's ex) should play Natla in a film version of TR1/A.

    14. You want to slaughter the doppleganger in a horrible way for killing Alister.

    15. You wonder what would've happened if Alister had survived.

    16. You want the ability to shoot and lock Winston in the fridge back ;-)

    17. You want to visit the places where Lara has travelled to.

    18. You write hundreds of fanfictions which you've never finished.

    19. You pretend to be Lara in the school playground.

    20. You quote the films/games without realising.

    21. You wear plaits in your hair to look like Lara.

    22. You want to learn how to use a gun.

    23. You want an authentic Lara costume.

    24. You're feeling down or upset, you listen to the main theme song to make yourself feel stronger.

    25. You want to slap Zip for being so annoying.

    26. You want to meet the real Lara.

    27. You wish Lara was real.

    28. You wonder if Alister fancies Lara.

    29. You dedicate a whole fanfiction to the memory of Alister.

    30. You wish you had never attempted to play Angel of Darkness.

    31. You have nightmares and sleepless nights after the trauma of Alister dying.

    32. You still want to play the Core Design games despite not having a working memory card.

    33. You watch a load of parodies on Youtube.

    34. You go to the same shop nearly everyday to see they've got Underworld despite it not being released yet.

    35. You want Troels B Folmann back as composer.

    36. You call the moveable blocks "pull-y wool-y blocks".

    37. You're upset, you think WWLD (What Would Lara Do?)

    38. You play your favourite level over and over and over again.

  • 39. You think Kurtis is attractive (heyhey, you forgot the character most girls were drooling over since the AoD release ;-) )

    40. You grunt like Lara when you hit something, jump off something etc.

    41. You fantasise over possible endings for AoD since there was no definite ending for Kurtis's fate.

    42. You buy a stupid magazine just because there's a TR poster in it.

    43. You not only write lots of fanfiction but also draw tons of fanart.

    44. You buy each of the games for every single gaming platform you own (PC, Xbox, PS...) so you can compare the graphics and possible changes firsthand.

  • 45. You take a cup out of the cupboard and say "Ahaaah!".

    46. You leave the house but you don't take the staires - you jump out of the window and climp down the drip rail.

    47. You wear hotpants the whole year round.

    48. You don't go by bus - you shoot a man, who hold a carkey in his hands, pick up the key (Ahaah!) and take his car.

    49. You wear sunglasses even when it is dark outside.

    50. You call for Wilson, because you are hungry.

    All mistakes in grammar, tense or word order are personal property of Herzblut. Its not allowed to use them without permission. Thank you.

  • 51. you mentally hit the autosave key before doing something tough (e.g. writing a test etc)

    52. you try to save before entering any room/opening any door (thanks, TR4! P)

    53. you compare everyday situations to a puzzle in the game - i.e. collect x, push button y to open door z. Combine objects a and b to use to open door c... and run :run:;-) (example: registering for uni)

    54. you see a pretty necklace and put it into your inventory, hoping to sell it at Renne's Pawnshop.

    55. you have an inventory

    56. you have worked out a system for inserting/removing items into/from your backpack without removing it from your back

  • 57. You travel to Surrey and search for Lara's manor.

    58. You eat chocolate bars everytime you're injured or feel unwell.

    59. You say "I feel stronger now!" after excercising or lifting something heavy.

    60. You mess something up and blame it on "your evil doppelganger" if someone mentions it.

    61. You look around for nerds who look like Alister when entering a library.

  • 67. You want to call Zip everytime your computer crashes and other technical devices refuse to work.

    68. You go down in the basement, but not before checking that its Thrall-free.

    69. You start comparing other people's looks with the appearances of TR characters.

    70. You accidently refer to above-mentioned people as Alister or Larson because they resemble them and receive odd looks.

  • 77. You have perfected the technique to hide guns under an evening dress.
    78. When trying to solve something, the first thing that pops into your head is The Puzzle Element theme from TR3.

  • 79. When you get grounded your first thought and plea is: "But I won't be able to play Tomb Raider!"
    80. You start walking like Lara as soon as someone mentions her. :walk:

  • 81. You buy a 360 just so you can play the DLC.

    82. You're spending way too much money on Ebay so you can expand your TR collection, because you want to own everything related to Lara.