Lara Croft: Tomb Raider - What did you think of the movie?

  • First I was not happy that Angelina Jolie got the role, but she did quiete well. She doesn't really look like Lara but then which other actress does? I still think that Jennifer Lopez would have been good. But nevermind.

    The story was a bit disappointing and Lara's background was not the same as in the games. I hope they'll make the next one better and leave her family background out of it, they have done enough damage there.


  • Yeah, right, lets do some damage elsewhere... *g*

    meep meep

    I wish I had a flame thrower right now...

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  • AJ was a bad choice IMHO. She tried to change the character way to much. The script was poorly written but there is hope that maybe the next one will be better.

    I did like some of the costumes though but hoepfully in the next one they will conform the movie character a little closer to at least the nextgen look.

    Personally, I would have preferred to see someone like Rachel Weiss in the role. She did a great job in "The Mummy" and unlike AJ really speaks with a nice British accent.

  • I actually would have liked to see Jennifer Lopez in that role. I've seen a picture on a magazine where she was kind of tombraiderish dressed and I just thought that's it.

    Thme Mummy, well I've seen that move, but I can't remember who Rachel Weiss is. I have to see that again.

    I don't think it's Angelinas fault I think she played the roll like it was presented to her. And the script was really really bad.

  • Rachel Weiss was the love interest/archeologist in "The Mummy" and
    returned as the same character (and married to Bredan Fraser's character) in "The Mummy Returns".

    Jennifer Lopez. interesting, she has nice looks but I guess I tend to think that most people don't do accents well unless they actually grew up in the country. There is a big differecne between coaching and having it at hand. Just a personal opinion.

    Anyway, by all accounts Paramont supposedly felt really taken aback by all the negative reviews of the script. Indications are that things have improved.

  • Right. An accent isn't something you can learn in a couple of weeks. At leas not if it should be convincing.

    I remember who she is, but I can't find a picture in my mind.

    I hope that things have improved, because otherwise I'm not going to see that movie. Somehow every Indiana Jones Movie was much better, I would have liked to see something like that. I really liked the beginning where Lara went to Cambodia. But the girl was a bit out of place. It could at least have been a monkey like in tr3. :wink:

  • I think AngelJ did well, then again, I suck at rating movies, so don't take my opinion into consideration. :D Jennifer Lopez would do well. I hope Natla is in the next one. Apparently it's called TR and the Cradel of Life or something along the line.

  • I think Angelina Jolie made a perfect choice
    JLo I don`t think so because she`s Latio and
    Lara Croft is British. Rachel would have made
    a good Lara but she was to busy making the
    Mummy Returns OH one more thing in The
    Mummy Returns Rachel who played Eve
    O`Connell was a Egyptologist not a
    Archeaologist because thats what I
    want to be later in my life. :ouch:

  • I have to confess, I haven't had the time to see the movie.
    Not to mention every time we go to rent movies my bro
    has a cow if we even sugest renting it. He thinks it was a
    crime to let Ang. be Lara. I can't truely judge but I think
    that they should have chosen someone else...the chick
    they had on the Perfict Dark comercial, she would have been
    really good. At first when I saw it I thought that was the movie
    of Tomb Raider. Know what I'm talking about?

  • No, dont know that one.

    I've bought the DVD with the making offs, and I bet if you've seen them you would agree with us. Angelina has done so much to become Lara Croft, I bet we would have had trouble finding someone else who would have done all that.

  • There are more people every day who come
    out of nowhere and strive to be the best when
    it comes to acting and do a far better job than some
    people in the biz. I'm glad to hear that Ang did
    strive to make herself the best Lara she could
    and didn't just rely on her name to get the movie
    going. :wink:

  • when it came into theaters I saw it about a
    hundred times. And I couldn`t wait `til it
    came out on DVD and when it came first out
    i bought it right then and there. Well, I`m
    a BIG Angelina Jolie fan I love all her movies.
    But people don`t really like her just because
    she is bad to the bone and thats what I like
    about her so much. So I don`t care about
    what other people say I think she is the
    only one who can play Lara I don`t care if she
    don`t look like her I still think ang. is the
    best Lara Croft.

  • Thank you I`m loyal to Angelina Jolie.
    She is really the only I like. I loved her
    in Life or Something like it. And I loved
    her in Tomb Raider I can`t wait for the
    next tomb raider movie. 8)8)

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