What is the purpose of the compass?

  • Hello!

    In the inventory there is a compass which needle is always working, but which is it purpose? I found many time ago, I remembered, it was for doing cheats or similar. Has anyone idea of that?


  • There are cheats which require you to face north. Otherwise the only purpose is that you may get a slight idea of where you are heading. (e.g. in a maze you can always check where you are going)

  • The compass isn't all that helpful, that's true. I never used it except for the times I tried out some of the cheats.

  • ok, so the compass is only for cheats, but how? I say, doing the cheats you only have to walk, jump or similar in a specific order. When I have to use it? Sorry, but I don't understand.

  • You have to face directly North for them to work. You now that you're facing the right direction, when the compass needle turns transparent.

  • Hmmm, It's strange. I never have used the compass for my cheats, Indeed I only have to do them and I have all the weapons, medipacks ...