Top 10 Actresses to Replace Angelina Jolie in TR3

  • hi kids, :grins

    "Klink! Vat is dis man doink here?!" sorry, couldn't resist a little HOGAN'S HEROS. anyway, as we know there is a third
    TOMB RAIDER film in the works and it's supposed to be a "reboot". I also read the story is supposed to be based on
    UNDERWORLD. there is no confirmation as to whether Angelina Jolie will be back as Lara Croft so this site compiled a list of the top 10 actresses to replace Angie if Warner Brothers don't hire her
    back. here is the list. some you might agree with, some you may not. feel free to comment. the site if anyone is


    10. Nikki Reed (TWILIGHT)

    9. Anne Hathaway (PRINCESS DIARIES, GET SMART)-too cute and slight

    8. Emily Blunt (THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA)-possiblity

    7. Jessical Biel-maybe. definite has the kickass part down.

    6. Sienna Miller-definite possiblity

    5. Megan Fox-subject of serious controversy on should she be Lara or not?

    4. Rosario Dawson (ENTERPRISE, RENT, GRINDHOUSE)-not sure if I feel this one

    3. Summer Glau (FIREFLY, SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES)-this would work, plus she did a great Cockney on FIREFLY

    2. Kate Beckinsale-yes! this is a serious possiblity

    1. Rhona Mitra-overwhelming fave, plus she was a Lara model back in 1998 or so, so she's familiar with the game

    so, anyone here like the list? are there names that should be on there (or names that should be removed)? this is just
    speculation. we obviously won't know til the movie actually comes out or until we know for certain who's Lara. well,
    enjoy the list and all comments are welcome. :sun:

    Good luck in your new bed. Enjoy your nightmare, son, while you're resting your head.--

  • I think Keira Knightley should play the part. She's "proper" English, she has that look in her eye, she looks like Lara (not a lot but more than Angelina did) but I'm not sure how well she would take to the physical side though.

  • Indeed, I thought she did well in Underworld: Rise of the Lycans.

    I doubt Angie would reprise her role, I mean we can't exactly say that the last two films were blockbusters, can we? No. I think we need someone fresh faced, someone who hasn't been built up from past successes so the film can't be too much of a disapointment; that is what I believe happened with the first two films...the people expected more.

  • well very similar to angie.. is megan fox.

    both have the extreme lips.
    all the taatoos, megan looks like her little sister lol.

    i dont believe that there ll ever be an actress who ll be able to be a "lara croft".

    the tomb raider movies failed because the potential of the given actors wasnt used... that's what the movies suffered from.. in my eyes they were not a success.