Tomb Raider 9 News

  • All kinds of new information considering the ninth Tomb Raider game have been floating around in the wide world of internet.
    There's the Game Informer's article of it in the magazine (January issue's cover story) and the Tomb Raider Hub, which was updated on the 9th of December.
    Game Informer's Tomb Raider Hub
    The latest update of the Hub is about Lara Croft's character in the next game.

  • So what do you guys think about the new Lara?

    We had some interesting discussions in the German threads. Some like it, some don't. For some this isn't the Lara they know any more, others think this is a step in the right direction, with the shipwreck replacing the original plane crash mentioned in Tomb Raider 1, the event that changed Lara's whole life.

  • The whole rebooting thing is very interesting. I'm not sure about my opinion on the new Lara yet. On some parts I'm really excited and some other made me doubt the whole thing.
    I was sort of fond to the "superhero" kind of role Lara was in the previous games. Strong, almost invincible... But it's exciting to see how this one turns out to be. :D
    Vulnerability, making Lara more realistic and human, evolving as the adventure goes on... :chin
    The only thing I wonder is that do they keep Lara as a countess? Is there the lady aspect, any manors to inherit?
    To me that was one essential part of Lara, being rich and priviledged, but still raiding tombs and getting into great adventures. :-)

  • The only thing I wonder is that do they keep Lara as a countess? Is there the lady aspect, any manors to inherit?

    I bet they keep that. Even though it wasn't specifically stated I kind of felt to have read that in the article.
    While reading it again just now, I realize, I did read it: "She comes from money, but refuses to flaunt it." (First page of the Gameinformer article: Gameinformer Article Part 1)

    I also think this is an important part of who she is. So it's good they keep that.

  • I am very excited about what I've heard about the new game so far. I like the artworks and I think the story has great potential. There may be problems with continuity, but on the other hand there always were continuity problems concerning Lara's background stories. I haven't read all of the Gameinformer article because I'm afraid to get spoiled, but what I read I liked. There were some discussions about the "brutal deaths" Lara might experience during the game, and whether they will have an influence on the game's rating.

  • I'm slightly worried about the horror aspect. Personally, I don't like horror games, so I hope there won't bee too many creepy, dark caves with scary savages chasing you. :shelob
    But it's impossible to make a game that pleases everyone 100%, and I'm sure I'll buy it anyway. And I found TR4 scary too, and the Mexico level in Underworld, so... [hehe]

    It'd be nice to know how far the making process of the game actually is. Like, is there a demo existing somewhere in the dephts of the Eidos/Crystal Dynamics/Squuare Enix compound just waiting to be released?
    Seeing a trailer, that'd be so cool... 8o

  • Well. I think - since it is a work in progress - that there will certainly be some sort of "demos" or "nightly builds" of the game somewhere at CD. But I don't think it resembles anything an end user would like to play. I imagine they are in a design and debug phase, it's too soon for a demo that could be released. (Someone said the graphics shown in that article mentioned above is actual in-game graphic, so if that is true some sort of runnable code has to exist). But remember, the game is probably not going to be finished within a year, so don't get your hopes up.

    BUT what I think is that from now on we will get more and more infos about what the game is going to be like as the design process proceeds towards completion. I personally am looking forward to that, as well as being worried that I'll get spoiled too much along the way! ;-)

  • You're probably right, Wile E. Coyote. *sigh* I wish I had some sort of device that'd speed up the time for a year...
    It's very nice that the Game informer has a hub where new information is revealed regularly. I don't mind spoilers as long as they're not huge, major ones. If I hadn't visited Tomb Raider Girl website on 8th of December I would have been completely unaware of all this new stuff. [hehe]

  • I'm rather impressed with the new information - at first I was rather sceptical with the whole 'reboot the franchise' concept, but they seem to have taken it in a very solid direction. I had to admit, from the small amount of information we have at the moment, I'm already confident that it'll be a huge success.

  • Wow, during this week there's been a couple updates in a row at the Game Informer's Hub, and another one is set for today! I can't wait too see what the update is about!
    New information has been impressive, indeed. :-)
    But how long does this go on? Till the end of the year? Till the game hits the stores? There seems to be some room left at the Hub, so a few more updates can be expected... :think:

  • All I can say, about the newest update, is WOW. :D I'm simply amazed about all that. The game will be just pure amazingness... :thumbsup

    EDIT: Lately I've been trying to remember how Underworld was promoted and what new gameplay stuff were told about (Lara's new moves, environment and such...). After refreshing my memory reading some of these I started to think about the way Tomb Raider 9 was launced and how it is being promoted.
    The latest Game Informer's update, Speck Giveaway, was kind of 'meh' for me, since I don't own an iPhone or an iPod...
    But in general I like all this.
    There's one little thing I'm a bit uncertain about: the game seems (and very likely is) to be in quite early stage, so quite many questions are left without an answer in a "too early to talk about it" way (like in the podcast). If they had waited longer and then made it (and other articles) there probably would have been (at least a little) more facts and such... BUT as I said in the very beginning of this post, I think Tomb Raider 9 will be amazing. :-)

    In the other hand it's exciting to get even little bits of infomation and because we keep getting news occasionally, it builds the excitement up (and tests patience), at least in my opinion. :yepp

  • OH crap...I was just posting a HUGE post about what I liked and what I didn't really like about Game Informers Coverage.

    Since I'm german I needed quite some time to write this whole text but then I accidentaly clicked on the X of the window and the browser closed :(

    Well. Here's a shor version:

    I really liked Meagan Marie's articles about Crystal and the TR-franchise. They were very well written and a kept me exciting for what was to follow :D
    Then the podcast got online and sadly I was reading people's reactions before starting to listen to it. They basically all said, that we didn't get any new exciting informations and so I decided not to listen to it. I still haven't but I really want to, some time. We might be able to read between the lines at some part of the podcast. ^^
    After that the two updates, I'd call mediocre at best, got online..."Official Wallpapers" sounded so nice but in the end they were just huge Game Informer advertisments showing Lara Croft, isntead of HQ-wallpapers.
    Well....and the "Speck Giveaway" was a bad joke, really...I have an iPod but I'm not really intersted in a TR-case. Maybe I'm just not a real fan ^^

    But then...then we finally got some nice screenshots and I won't get into detail here now, as I just realised, that we now have an official topic here (Thanks to "The Poet" Official Screenshots Discussion)

  • It's the last, yes. There's no place on this site for another update and there's also no new "Check back X/Y")

    This was a very nice month for TR :D

    The next news will be on either on the official page or in another magazine with exclusive rights. Also Karl Stewart from Crystal Dynamics twittered that there'ss be some goodness on twitter :)


    @tombraider fans you should following these @crystaldynamics studio members. @brenochadams @briandhortonart @timlongojr they tweet goodness